Iowa Senator on Dr. Phil Oct. 1, 2010 (Adoption)

Changing Lives Entertainment was formed with the intention of supporting, motivating, and enhancing the lives of at-risk youth, especially foster and adoptive youth.

Foster Care Speaker Travis Lloyd has been an advocate for positive change in foster care and adoption not just through inspiring these populations across the country, but he also works directly with youth in local Iowa communities and maintains connections as a mentor for youth that he has spoken to in other states through online social networking, inspirational quotes, emails and blogs.

That is why we strongly support the No Child Left Behind Act that was passed in 2001 by the Bush administration and we are excited to see such programming like the Dr. Phil Show cover such an important topic.  The preview shows some of the real struggles that come along with adoption and also appears to touch on the touchy topic of permanency.

The show is airing today (October 1, 2010) and will feature an appearance by Iowa Senator Grassley.  Read Grassley’s press release Here.

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Our mission is to Change Lives through relating to youth and inspiring adults by speaking, performing and entertaining.
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