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Motivational Speaker, performer Travis Lloyd

Travis Lloyd

Dante' NOW!

Dante' Marcellous Means

The nation's leading inspirational poetry group

Wisdom Beyond Words

Nicole Lyricc, the nation's leading poet empowering young women

Nicole Lyricc

The nation's leading child welfare consultant for older youth

Chris Downs, Phd

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All of our Changing Lives Presenters are talented, experienced, and engaging Speakers!  Take a gander at our specially selected talent and learn how we can help you Change Lives.  Simply click on each photo to learn more.

I Need A Performance!

We have some AMAZING talent!  Dante’ has more than a decade of experience performing as an R&B singer on stages like Carnegie Hall and on BET.  Performing as Dante’ And Travis, Travis has opened for names like Grammy Award winning artist Kirk Franklin and has internationally published poetry.  Nicole Lyricc and Wisdom Beyond Words offer dynamic poetry performances that create an experience at any event.  Each performance always includes an inspirational message.  If you need to add excitement to an event, this is how!  Any Changing Lives Presenter with the performance icon is available for either speaking or performing, or both!

I Need A Conference!

So what do you get when you combine seasoned speakers with dynamic performers?  An AMAZING Youth Conference!  All of our presenters know and understand how to create an engaging experience.  Dante’ And Travis have rocked youth conferences all over the country!  We know how to enhance your program’s purpose with our skills and we know how big of a headache it is to plan conferences.  That’s why we make your job easy! Simply pick which Changing Lives presenters you want and we will make your conference come to life!  OR talk with Travis Lloyd directly through a free phone consultation and learn how Changing Lives Entertainment can utilize what we already have developed to create an inspirational theme for your conference!  And the best part about it is…You get all the credit!