“Stories so powerful that gang members start asking questions, teen prostitutes find hope, and social workers become enlightened, all in one room!”

Speakers, Poets, Performers - Overcoming Adversity

Available for: Workshops, Conferences, Retreats

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Youth and Adult Audiences
Poets Unleashed: Weapons for Overcoming Adversity
Length: 90-120 minutes

Participants are inspired by dynamic, emotional and humorous performances by critically acclaimed poets WORDS and MELODY (Wisdom Beyond Words).  Once inspired, workshop participants are taught the necessity of self-expression as a key tool for overcoming adversity and not allowing a broken past to define you.  Words and Melody skillfully educate every participant on how to creatively express emotions through writing poetry.  Once each participant gets the basics of poetry writing they are given time in a breakout session to write their own poem and start the healing process from any past experience.  The workshop ends with interactive performances from audience participants.  Words are a powerful thing.  Take the STAGE and use them.  WORDS.

*Length may be customized.  Also available in a series of up to 12 consecutive hands on educational workshops teaching poetry writing, stage presence and performing skills.


Foster Care Conferences and At-Risk Youth Programs

Wisdom Beyond Words specializes in Changing Lives at foster care conferences and at-risk youth programs through helping them overcome past experiences.  This presentation is available as a Changing Lives Entertainment Conference Package.  When paired with Travis Lloyd’s “Success Is Not Impossible” address, the Dante’ And Travis Keynote Performance, or any other combination of Changing Lives Speakers and Performers.