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Changing Lives Tip Of The Day From Capitol Hill: Youth Speaker Travis Lloyd

October 7, 2010

Travis Lloyd Inspires social workers from Captiol Hill! Watch Video. Continue reading

Travis Lloyd Speaks For Senator Grassley, Foster Youth Roundtable Event

October 26, 2010

Motivational Speaker Travis Lloyd speaks for Senator Grassley at Casey Family Programs youth roundtable event held in Des Moines Iowa for foster and adoptive youth. Continue reading

Speaker, Author, Poet, Hip-Hop Artist Overcoming Adversity

Available for: Keynote Motivational Speaking, Positive Hip Hop Concerts

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Travis Lloyd’s mission is to Break Chains and Change Lives through performing and speaking hope to the world.

Travis is internationally published in the top-selling book Parenting Adopted Adolescents.  As a performing artist, he has performed along side Grammy award winning artist Kirk Franklin and Dove Award winners Trin-i-tee 5:7 and his ideas for helping others overcome their past have been showcased on

Travis has established a nationally respected reputation as an inspirational youth speaker and expert in creating positive change in at-risk youth populations.


Teen and Young Adult Audiences
Length: 45-60 minutes

Picture this…An audience being drawn in with an engaging and emotional poetry performance.  Emotions are turning with heartache, anticipation, and humor that leads into dynamic real life stories.

The audience re-lives Travis’ traumatic experiences growing up in the system, in and out of group homes and an unstable home life.  Then, Travis gives hope by exposing the personal tools he used to overcome negative life cycles and break the chains of his past, proving that Success Is Not Impossible.  We can heal from Trauma.

Breaking through to youth, especially troubled teens, is a challenge for most, but Travis Lloyd’s in your face life coaching style breaks down walls and opens the door for personal growth and emotional development, while still being entertained.  You will be amazed at the life-changing power of Travis Lloyd’s poetry and positive hip hop performances when paired with amazing stories of overcoming odds to build a career as a trauma nurse and learn to help others overcome the trauma of their past.

Topics Covered in “SUCCESS IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE” Include…

  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Using the Right Tools For Success
  • Finding and Utilizing Your Support System
  • Breaking Chains of the Past To Become an Example for Others
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Healing from Traumatic Experiences
    Through Self-Expression

Audience Response – “Over the past two years, our small town has been struck with a series of tragic events affecting many of our children.  So it was wonderful to hear our students laughing and enjoying Travis’s presentation.  It was also powerful to hear the hush in the auditorium as Travis used his own life story to skillfully, and subtly, teach about handling life’s adversities.  As parents, we are grateful our children had the opportunity to hear his inspiring message. –Brent & Janell Ballhagen, Parkersburg, Iowa (home of the late High School Coach of The Year Ed Thomas)

Foster and Adoptive Youth and At-Risk Youth Populations
Length: 45-60 minutes

The SUCCESS IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE presentation for Foster and Adoptive Youth and At-Risk Youth Populations offers the same educational topics listed in the above SUCCESS IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE presentation for Teen and Young Adult Audiences, but includes more intense real life situations that are applicable to these populations and the daily struggles they face.

Adults, Foster Parents, & Child Welfare Professionals
Length: 45-60 minutes

Travis offers a unique twist on working with teens, especially teens in the system or involved with the criminal justice system.  Not only was he labeled a “hopeless cause” by many teachers, counselors, and caseworkers, he fought to overcome those labels and became a Life Coach who helps others do the same.  Offering personal insight about the struggles of growing up in the system his stories shed light on how he managed to help build success miracles in the youth that he works with in his own communities.

Understanding that he had the choice to create his own destiny and identifying the support people who helped him instead of hindered him allows this motivational message to ring still today as inspiration and hope for the toughest days as a teacher, parent, or caseworker.


  • How To “Real Talk” Instead of Talking “By The Book”
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Using the Right Tools For Success
  • Breaking Chains of the Past To Become an Example for Others
  • Responsibility & Accountability In Stressful Careers
  • Understanding Self Expression and Emotional Growth

Audience Response “Wow! Awesome! [The] songs, words, and emotion really made me think, especially about kids growing up in today’s world. Helps me grow an understanding and empathy.” ~Carol, Social Worker, Human Service Training, Cedar Rapids, IA

Want a positive hip hop concert? __________________________

When Travis Lloyd partners with Dante’ Marcellous to form the Dynamic Duo Dante’ And Travis, foster care conferences go wild.  Not only do you get the real talk of Travis who grew up in the system and offers advice on how to not become a foster care statistic, but you get internationally aired performing Artist Dante’.  Together they give valuable teachings while energizing with a concert-style performance!  Learn more about Dante’ And Travis.