Presentations with Poetic Performances that Changes Your Life!


The most exciting part of performing and sharing our stories on stage is seeing the reaction of our audience and experiencing that change and growth with them. We cherish the connections we make with our crowds and we want to make sure we are always communicating and empowering them in the best way possible. The greatest reward for us after finishing a high-energy performance is to hear how we impacted someone’s life and have evoked change in that person. We have been blessed with the greatest fans anyone could ask for!

Video Testimonies

Written Testimonies

Over the past two years, our small town has been struck with a series of tragic events affecting many of our children.  So it was wonderful to hear our students laughing and enjoying Travis’s presentation.  It was also powerful to hear the hush in the auditorium  as Travis used his own life story to skillfully, and subtly, teach about handling life’s adversities.  As parents, we are grateful our children had the opportunity to hear his inspiring message. –Brent & Janell Ballhagen, Parkersburg, Iowa (home of the late Coach Ed Thomas)

“Dante’ and Travis are doing amazing work.  They have inspirational stories and there is no doubt that they will continue to do great things in today’s world.”

~James Malinchack, Two Time Soeaker of the Year, Founder of and Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the College Soul

“I think it was good to have someone who knows what we are going through to speak to us, it means more.” –Student, Reno, NV

“There is a difference between just being inspired and actually being motivated to make a change.  Travis is that difference.” –Social Worker, Las Vegas, NV

“Hearing Dante’ And Travis had my kids on their feet, clapping and on the way home the words that they said opened doors for what we could talk about.” –Alisha Steward, Boys And Girls Club, Des Moines, IA

“WOW WOW WOW…I am so impressed!!! Dante’ And Travis are truly using their God given gifts to change the outcomes of today’s youth!” –Kathy Oakland, Instructor, University Of Northern Iowa

“Hey Travis, I’m glad you went to my camp this year.  I read about you in the paper and it was really cool to hear your stories that help so many people.” –Chris, Student, Iowa

“I want to thank you for sharing your stories at Pine Lake Camp in Eldora, Iowa. I really want to you to come to my high school.  I know it will open their eyes to what life is really about and be thankful for what they have.” –Scott, Student, Iowa

“Hey Travis how’s life going?  Well I just thought I’d say that your CD is what starts my day.  I get up every morning and listen to it before I do anything else.  My foster mom and sisters love the CD too!” –Myrna, Student at Foster Care Conference, Reno, NV

“I think that what you’re doing with your speaking and performing is great!  You definitely inspire so many people to do the right thing! Thanks!:) – Ana, Northern University High School

“They made me feel like I was somebody.” – Student, State-Wide Foster Care Conference, Las Vegas, NV