Conferences should be an experience, not an educational nap time.

Work With Us

A true message can only be heard through an engaging experience that makes you not only hear the message but believe it and most importantly FEEL it! Having a seasoned person on stage that has a background in the education, speaking, and entertainment industries and knows how to captivate audiences of all ages allows for your audience to connect with the message on a multitude of levels and understanding. Some of us are audio learners and some of us are visual learners; it is only worth your time and money if both are motivated by a clear and relatable message. Travis has taken his background of self expression through hip- hop and poetry, giving an experience that is multi dimensional and sure to have your audience actively involved and learning and growing before your eyes!”  You can rest assured that each of our carefully selected presenters offer the same Life Changing experience.

We enjoy entertaining all kinds of groups like colleges, high schools, and churches. We specialize in Changing Lives at alternative high schools, foster care conferences, and at risk youth programs!

What to Expect

Many of our presentations offer something that you definitely won’t find with other youth speakers…a performance!  We’ve seen the reactions when we tell an event planner that we are going to perform rap music, R&B or poetry at their speaking event; usually they just look confused!  Once they experience the refreshingly positive performances and see the youth reactions…they can’t wait for more!

In a time when today’s youth are being captivated by music and poetry filled with cussing and degradation of women, we offer life-changing lyrics that leave your audience filled with hope and inspiration to improve their lives.

Although our dynamic performances are an important part of our presentations, we pride ourselves in sharing Life-Changing stories and offering real life experiences to learn and grow from.  If incorporating a performance doesn’t seem right for your audience, we will utilize our vast presentation experience to adjust accordingly.

A few of our carefully chosen presenters do not offer performances, but their expertise is exactly what you need to create change in your organization, retain members and employees, and inspire hope.  They offer extremely powerful keynote speeches and workshops for youth and adult audiences.

We pledge to carefully discuss with you what presentations will be best for your event and how to create the most Life-Changing experience for your audience.