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Changing Lives Conferences

We understand the struggles most event planners and conference coordinators face with the time consuming planning, organization, phone calls, and never-ending headaches that come along with planning a successful event.  That’s why we offer to take those headaches away as a one-stop shop for Changing Lives at your event, youth program, or conference.

Changing Lives Entertainment houses an array of experienced and motivational talent.  There is no doubt that lives are changed when any Changing Lives Presenter gives 100% of their heart to changing Lives at your event.  We have had so many requests to hold our own conference that we now give YOU the ability to create your own Changing Lives Conference in a simple 2-step process.

  1. Simply browse through our list of carefully selected Speakers and Presenters (Link bold text to the Speakers Landing Page) and get an idea for what Life-Changing experience you would like to offer your audience.
  2. Then, call Travis Lloyd at (646) 535-TRAV (8728) to receive a free consultation on the best way to make your event a memorable experience, not just another boring conference.
  • We want you to be the star so there’s no pressure.  If we can offer insight that improves your event, we’re happy to help.

We Recommend the Changing Lives Overcoming Adversity Conference for Foster Care Conferences, Alternative High Schools, and At-Risk Youth Programs:

Changing Lives Overcoming Adversity Conference

This is an already prepared half-day conference that starts out with action packed performances from Travis Lloyd and Wisdom Beyond Words.  Once the youth are relaxed and entertained, Wisdom Beyond Words presents their dynamic and interactive workshop followed by audience participation and engaging ad-lib performances.  The conference is topped off with Travis Lloyd’s Life-Changing presentation “Success Is Not Impossible” where the audience experiences first hand what it takes to truly Overcome Adversity.  Once they have been brought through the highs and lows of Life-Changing challenges, the conference ends on an energized Travis Lloyd positive hip hop music performance.

This conference is further enhanced with proven success stories by including Dante’ Marcellous to offer your audience Dante’ and Travis as “The Dynamic Duo.”  This option includes much more performing and the powerful messages from Dante’s Keynote Presentation “Identity of A Leader.”

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