“Do what you need to do to progress, but don’t forget who you are while you’re doing it.” –Travis Lloyd, Speaker-Poet-Author

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Changing Lives Presentations are specially developed to Inspire Hope, Create Change, and leave a lasting impression that improves youth outcomes and personal awareness for every audience.

Changing Lives Keynote Presentations

  • Motivational – Topics Covered: Overcoming Adversity, Leadership, Choosing Friends Wisely, Peer Pressure, Drugs/Alcohol
    • Success Is Not Impossible – Breaking Chains of The Past- (link to Travis Lloyd’s profile page)
    • Dante’ And Travis – Stories & Performances that Change Lives (link to Dante’ And Travis profile page)
    • Re-thinking Words – Creatively Enhancing Your Life Success
    • Positive Youth Development
      • Positive Youth Development:  Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow (link to Chris Downs’ Profile page)
      • Who’s In Your Top Hive?  Find Mentors, Make Dreams Come True (link to Bert’s profile page)
      • Empowering Young Women:  From Homeless To Top Fashion Designer (link to Nicole Lyricc’s profile page)
      • Professional Development – Child Welfare Inspiration!
        • Success Is Not Impossible In Child Welfare (link to Travis Lloyd’s profile page)
        • What really DOES work in foster care? (link to Chris Downs’ Profile)
        • Revolutionizing Services to America’s Youth (link to Chris Downs’ Profile)
        • Creating Lasting Permanency for Older Youth (link to Chris Downs’ Profile)
        • Re-Engineering Child-Servicing Systems to Work Together Effectively (link to Chris Downs’ Profile)
        • Positive Youth Development:  Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow (link to Chris Downs’ Profile)
        • Unique Challenges and Solutions in Working with Sexual Minority Youth in Foster Care (link to Chris Downs’ Profile)

Changing Lives Workshops/Trainings

  • Poets Unleashed – Weapons For Overcoming Adversity (link to Wisdom Beyond Words’ profile page)
  • Transforming Girl Words Empowerment Workshop (link to Nicole Lyricc’s profile page)

Finding Purpose In Your Past – Tell Your Story Effectively To Anyone! (link to