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Life Coaching Mentoring

I’ve been asked many times, “why are you a Life Coach for stubborn teens who are going nowhere in life?!”  It kind of offended me that people were so judgmental about young people they didn’t even know, but trust me I’m no angel. There have been plenty of times when I felt like I hit a brick wall with a kid and was not sure if it was worth my time, energy and emotions to continue working through their battles!  But right when it gets tough is when I know exactly where they’re at and I know there will soon be growth.  No, I’m not psychic and there is no magic map to find this growth, but I’ve been there.  And I know what its like to have been lost, lonely, and stubborn…Well, I’m still stubborn, which is likely the reason I relate to struggling teens.  Either way, I can see myself in a young man’s eyes when he seriously tells me he would rather live in the mountains and hunt for food every day than follow through with simple responsibilities that will propel them to the next level in their lives.  This empathy allows me to struggle through their battles with them rather than fight against them while learning to make better decisions.  My goal is to Break Negative Cycles and Change Lives. ~Travis Lloyd, Speaker.Author.Poet